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  1. 2010.07.23 Kaspersky block BBC news – by SQL Injection vulnerability

15th, July. Kaspersky as one of an famous Antivirus venders blocked BBC News site because BBC site was used to steal database like password, credit card information and so so, according to KitGuru.


After being false positive, many people posted their forum and tweeted on twitter service. Kaspersky has immediately issued a signature update that should fix this false positive problem and prevent BBC site from being blocked in future.

But, assume that BBC site is to be vulnerable, What would you do?

You're right. BBC site is really vulnerable to SQL Injection attack. As you know, SQL Injection is technique that exploits a top-rated security vulnerability occuring in the database level of web application.

BBC site uses MySQL database and Perl scripts. And DB owner is ... ...

I will not proceed any more attacks.

Please email me(
moonslab@gmail.com), if you are security administrator of BBC site.

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